Ryan & Ashleigh in Skate Dance Dream!

Come see us perform with Skate Dance Dream on March 28, 2015 in Jamestown, NY!

This will be our third performance with Skate Dance Dream, a show that allows kids from both ice skating and dance to learn from and perform with the stars!  We love what Skate Dance Dream is all about: Giving children from around the country the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

While in Jamestown we will work with students from various dance studios in the area.  We will conduct workshops where we will share with them our passion and knowledge for dance.  They will get to learn a dance number and perform with us in the show, along with other stars from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and the top ice skaters in the country. This show is unlike any other because the stage is set on top of the ice and audience members get to see both ice skating and dancing at the same time.  It’s one of our favorite shows to participate in because it is truly unique.

What we love most about Skate Dance Dream is the opportunity we have to work with the kids and inspire them to reach for their dreams and make them a reality.  Don’t miss the show and if you have children involved in ice skating and/or dance make sure to register them for the event. Here is the link for more details: http://skatedancedream.com/sdd/